TJ’S Household Haiku Challenge – Weeds


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This is a fun challenge from TJ this week, and a lovely photograph.  I have to admit that nasturtiums are one of my favourite flowers.  Weeds are in the eye of the beholder!

AND I realise belatedly that I have omitted to acknowledge the taker of the beautiful picture below, Helene Parish, who very kindly gave me permission to use it.  Check out her blog for more fabulous pictures.

albany nasturtiumsWeeds sneaked through the fence

Urchins in the elegance

Joyously scattered


TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge



This week I saw in TJ’s photo a rather lovely metaphor for the art of ageing gracefully together with one’s significant other.

lampSoft light and silver

Enhance each other’s beauty

In encroaching dusk

Soft light and silver enhance each other’s beauty.

Enhance each other’s beauty in encroaching dusk.

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge


I forgot to post this last week.  But seeing it was here in drafts ready to go, I have dropped it onto my blog.

Another great prompt image and word from TJ this week.  I have gone with a play on the prompt word ‘pen’ this week.  Hopefully not too laborious …

The art of fencing enables one to build a pen to confine livestock, or to defend oneself against attack and remain free.

pen-1The art of fencing

A boundary to confine

Or weapon to free

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge


I’m sure a journey around TJ’s house would be a fascinating experience.  He has some beautiful things, judging by the photographs he treats us to so regularly.  This week he gives us for his haiku challenge not only lustrous old silver but a sumptuous fabric upon which the spoons lie.

I hope my haiku will not make me sound greedy … but there you are, maybe I am. Perhaps the sad truth is that getting older makes one not less avid, but maybe moreso.

silver-spoonsGive me a ladle

Not to taste but to devour

All that life offers

TJ”s Household Haiku Challenge



I love trying my hand at these challenges.  TJ’s photos are always interesting and evocative.  This figurine has an alive and suffering look that is most arresting.  The figurine’s age and the fact that Galle’s glass is far more famous and desired by collectors than his majolica lends the image a certain sadness.  Thank goodness TJ rescued it and I am sure it now has pride of place in his collection.

candlestickA candle unlit

Never to be leading light

Blind glazed pain lives on

TJs Household Haiku Challenge …


Pegging away slowly on my next work … into the first edit, always a frustrating time.  One feels perhaps one has got lost along the way when one goes back and reads  one’s work sometimes.  Ah well.

So a little breather and a change of pace with TJ.

pearlware-plateRhapsody in blue

Birds, boat, branches, banks, building

Bridge between cultures.

The quaint irony of the Willow Pattern is that the romantic story behind it was made up by the British manufacturers to give context to the Chinese ware that inspired this very popular product, as an added sales pitch!  My modest effort is designed to read:

Rhapsody in blue; birds, boat, branches, banks, building.

Birds, boat, branches, banks building bridge between two cultures.

TJ’s Haiku Challenge 6 – My take


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Another great prompt from TJ’s Haiku Challenge this week.  Keys … the possibilities are many.  I love TJ’s haiku, and here is mine – once again using TJ’s lovely photograph to illustrate.

The frustration of being unable to make something work.

keysHanded on a plate

So many chances given

Every one a fail.

New Site … Clean Romance Books

Already posted on my review blog … the sites linked to are worth bookmarking if you prefer your reading guaranteed clean!

Trawling the Amazon

If you like your romances to to end at the church door and not behind the bedroom door  ... If you like your romances to to end at the church door and not behind the bedroom door …

A facebook author friend of mine is starting up a new page for readers to access guaranteed clean romance reads.   So if you, like me,  are someone who loves romance but prefers to read only as far as the bedroom door and is not a fan of too much anatomical information, constant bad language, or graphic blood and gore, click hereto have a look at the great variety of romance novels on offer.

If you like clean reads generally but are into genres other than romance, check out this great site that covers the whole gamut of genres old and new (including romance).  There is an incredible array of fiction available, from middle grade upwards.

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