Uncial Press – my lovely publishers.  A wide range of reading to browse.

Ravings in Cinemascope – musings on visual media.  Always worth checking out for a quirky, well thought out view.  The caption king.

LifeinFrame – stunning photography blog.  Gorgeous pics from all over the world.

A ma vie de coer entier – another stunning photography blog with snaps from far and wide.  I’m a sucker for beautiful images.  So sue me.

Science-fictionality – always fascinating and highly literate thoughts on science fiction.  A wealth of sci fi knowledge.

Mary Paterson Thornburg – fellow Uncials author.

Judith Arnopp Historical Fiction Author – indie author/self-publisher based in Wales, UK.

Historical Novel Society – full of links to great blogs and fascinating information related to history and historical fiction writing/publishing.

Historical Novel Society Australasia – the Australian branch of the Historical Novel Society.

The Review Group – chock full of serious reviews of a wide-ranging variety of books.

English Historical Fiction Authors – author group, an absolute mine of information and interesting historical snippets and research.

A Life Less Frantic – soothe your mind and improve your life.

Untreed Reads – distributor of a huge range of ebooks and paper publications.  Always have specials running.


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