This is a good read, a little different from run-of-the-mill YA. A mix of historical fiction, history, the paranormal and the all-too-real. It works!

Trawling the Amazon

heartHeart, by Paula Hayes

From the blurb:  Sixteen-year-old Anna Grey has the personality of an online encyclopedia crossed with a leashed mini bulldog. Anna is about to discover that she has a special gift. The ‘gift’ doesn’t compute well and her orderly little world is about to be turned upside down. Anna is about to discover that she can see the dead …speak to the dead and crush (blush) on the dead.

With her two mismatched best friends by her side, drag queenish Dylan Ray and fragile butterfly lady Jacqui Van Eden, Anna inadvertently summons Leo the ghost of an Australian WW1 teenage soldier. Leo is confused and stuck. He is pining for a love lost and is a little on the nose.

This is a different style of read from the run of the mill YA, but all the better for that, I think.  With the ANZAC Centenary…

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