I’ve finally found my mojo and some time, and a few books that I really, really enjoyed. Hopefully more reviews to follow soon. This was great fun, loved it!

Trawling the Amazon

wreathedWreathed by Curtis Edmonds

From the Blurb:  Wendy Jarrett never thought she’d meet the man of her dreams at a funeral. But when an old boyfriend of her mother’s dies, Wendy accompanies her to the beach resort of Cape May, New Jersey for the service. There she meets Adam Lewis, nephew of the deceased, who is tall, gorgeous, and available. . 

WREATHED is a new adult humorous contemporary romance about life, love, and the perfect beach house.

I cut out the rest of the blurb, because I don’t think it does this very entertaining book justice anyway!  A terrific pick-up as a freebie from one of my emails.

I haven’t read anything that has jumped out yelling “review me!” for quite a while.  Wreathed is a really good screwball comedy and I loved it. It is comic gems like this, that aren’t exactly category fiction but are hugely…

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