Reading is my escape … I must be in full flight from somewhere because I’ve been reading and reviewing so much lately! This was a great read. If you like Young Adult paranormal fantasy, I think you would enjoy this one.

Trawling the Amazon

time trapThis is published by Silver Hawk Press LLC, an entity I could find little about from an internet search; their website seems to be in stasis.  Which is a pity because this is a terrific book and deserves a readership. I only hope the second and third instalments live up to the promise of the first.

I loved this YA offering, from the first to the last page. Rayen wakes in a foreign desert with no memory. The fact of her name, her age and her peanut allergy are imparted to her in a few moments by a disembodied vision. And then it is on! A breathless, tense chase, a narrow escape from a ravening beast, and Rayen finds herself detained in custody. Apart from flashes of disconnected memory, she still has no clue who or where she is.

Temporarily placed in a school, Rayen along with smart-mouthed and narrow-minded…

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