A fitting end to my reviewing activities for 2014. Review of part 2 of my best find for 2014. Happy New Year to all, and I am looking forward to more and better finds and reviews in my trawling of the far reaches of Amazon.

Trawling the Amazon

refugeThis is a fitting end to my reviewing activities for 2014.  The first book of this series, Relentless, was what I consider my best find so far in my trawling activities, and I devoured this second instalment of the Relentless Trilogy most greedily on its arrival on my Kindle.

The author has done a great job following up on the world building, the character development, the expanding relationship webs and the plot depth.  I particularly enjoyed the burgeoning powers that heroine Sara Grey discovers and develops in herself (with some help) – she is one heck of a girl, whilst avoiding the all-too-common pitfall for this type of heroine of being incredibly annoying.  Her new female friend brings opportunities for sassy and amusing sidekick banter that is very skilfully used for exposition.

The wry humour and the dialogue consistently snaps, crackles and occasionally pops.  It certainly never flags or falters in…

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