I’m delving into some longer, heavier reads at the moment. So this little story was a nice way to spend rare quiet moments in the build up to Christmas. And always fun to write reviews, a Boxing Day treat for a tired mama …

Trawling the Amazon

only a kissFirst up, confession time.  This book was given to me to read and review if I wished.

Katie and Chris, best friends since forever …  growing up together might mean they are too close to discern  the changing feelings in their hearts for those around them – and for each other.  But the course of true love never did run smooth, did it?  Or not in a good romance novel, anyway.

This heart-warming short romance is sweetly told, with a great deal of humour and also some gentle pathos.  Katie can be a managing kind of girl with a tendency towards the frivolous, and Chris is a gentle boy who, hurt early, grows up to be a bit of a ‘player’.   But you come to understand them both in the course of their gentle journey towards adulthood.

There is an air of charming naivety throughout that fits especially well with…

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