The long-awaited top five Bond movies – shaken AND stirred …


It’s been a thoroughly enjoyable time going through all these films, and for once actually forcing myself to be critical of at least a few of them. I hope you, dearest reader, have enjoyed reading this stuff!
Fair warning – pretty much all of the reviews today (and, to be honest, all the other 18 prior) contain major spoilers!

 5. The Living Daylights
It’s 1987. Glasnost and perestroika are taking the Soviet Union by storm, but there are still power mad generals running around! James Bond takes on another and jets from hemisphere to hemisphere in his pursuit of men who will stop at nothing, using Stradivarius cellos to seduce women whilst selling arms on the black market.


I was given this on DVD for Christmas in 2007, and so it holds a special place in my heart. That bias aside, it’s also just an excellent film. Timothy Dalton…

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