Any first-time author will know it is hard work getting anyone to publish reviews of their work, especially if you haven’t done too much spade-work in the months before your book’s release, publicising and getting yourself out there well before publication.  I learned after the fact that it works much better if you prepare the ground beforehand.  But then I never was much of a gardener …

It takes a bit of sass that many authors think they just don’t have in them.  Always in the background is the thought: I love it, but what if I am the only one?  Even if a publisher has felt enough confidence in the quality of your writing to work with you to get it published, that niggling thought is always there.

Now, having received four very positive reviews, I feel more confidence going forward … maybe I do have a bit of that sass after all.

I know I have a separate page for reviews but indulge me a little.  My little collection is so thrilling that I have to post the link to the Amazon review page here.