A perennial problem for all writers at some stage … we need all the advice we can get and this is a great piece.

Andrew R. Cameron

A few months ago, I wrote a post on advice for beginning writers which has been getting fairly consistent views every week. What’s that, internet? You want me to write more? Okay…

Nothing is more soul-crushing than writer’s block. You are a writer who cannot write – it is the ultimate existential crisis. You find any excuse to procrastinate, from doing housework to catching up with friends. And no matter what you do, the very fact that you’re not writing seems to compound the problem. But what is writer’s block, exactly? And why is it so crippling?

Writer’s block seems to be several different types of creative impedimenta that are grouped together under one title. Treating it as a specific condition that afflicts all sufferers equally would be a mistake, because it fails to recognize that writer’s block has numerous iterations. Some writers have difficulty conceiving an idea. Sometimes they…

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