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But I AM working

But I AM working

Lazy writer … backspace and correct, that should be lady writer.  But maybe the fingers did the walking correctly the first time.

For ten years I wrote a semi-regular column in a local newspaper.  Even though I knew the deadlines a year in advance, and only 800 words were required, I still would be frantically banging it out at the last minute and even occasionally begging for a day longer to submit.

It is always quite comforting in a naughty way to read a similar confession from A LOT of writers.  As with misery, laziness likes company!  I think we all love daydreaming and working up plots in our heads; but the physical discipline of sitting down and moulding those daydreams into a 50,000+ word narrative is a challenge that many of us just won’t rise to.  Or begin but don’t finish.  Or get through the first write, but don’t ever go back to knock it into better shape.

Sainte-Chapelle wasn't built in a day, you know.

Sainte-Chapelle wasn’t built in a day, you know.

It’s why writing is called a craft I suppose.    We are making something new from a plan we imagined, in the same way a builder makes concrete the idea of a client.  Together they make an overall plan, a picture of the finished product.    But then the builder has to break it down into do-able chunks.  All the tasks must be scheduled  the materials there ready to be worked with.  Progress has to be checked regularly on site, and necessary changes made on the way, so the building will stand firm and be everything the client wants it to be.  If there is a problem with the original plan or the client wants changes adjustments must be made to incorporate the changes.

In short, it is work, albeit stimulating and compelling work.  Writers of first books are their own client, builder, tradies … we must initially be jacks of all trades in our aspiration to be master of one.