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Looks great on the eReader too

We in Perth often whinge about the two and sometimes three hour time difference between Perth and the Eastern States of Australia.    It seems every business in the world works on Sydney time in matters Australian.   But I have discovered a reason to love this phenomenon.

I picked up my kindle to read a bit last night AND IT WAS THERE.  Yes, dear reader, I confess.  I pre-ordered my own book.   So by 10.30pm, (midnight EST) my book and Pat Dusenbury’s had downloaded onto my kindle.

Indescribable elation to see it there looking back at me from the screen.  My husband and daughter who designed the cover were right, that cover picture works perfectly in greyscale.

Can you bear the suspense of wondering – did she or didn’t she read her own book again?

Of course she did!

Yours is next on the reading list, Pat.