Darling, I've finished my book!

Darling, I’ve finished my book!

I sent off my historical romance manuscript to US e-publisher Uncial Press last year.   Well, I’d finished it, and had to do something with it didn’t I?  To my surprise and delight those lovely ladies accepted it.  Well, dear reader, I thought that was the end of it but no. That was just the beginning.  No kicking back and resting on my somewhat meagre laurels.  When the first edit came back it was pretty much rewrite or give up.  I rewrote.

Things I have learned so far:

1. Never use the name Will for any character.

2. If you do use the name Will for any character, make sure you haven’t given anyone else the name William.

3. The word “will” is used far too much in the English language.

4. Check, recheck and check again. And there will still be something you have missed. But don’t worry, your ‘test’ readers will find it for you.

5. It is worth subscribing to the online version of the grammar and usage manual your publisher uses.

6. The rush of having your work accepted makes all those hours worthwhile.

7.  Editors are invaluable.  Perhaps this point should be first.

The learning curve has been steep.  More like a greasy pole sometimes. And I’m still on it, just a raw beginner.  But I am so excited to be looking forward now to the publishing of my first historical romance, “The King’s Gift”, on 21st September 2014.